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Pelican plugin for fixing footnotes in summaries https://aweirdimagination.net/2015/02/07/my-first-pelican-plugin/
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Adds BeautifulSoup's re to imported modules in order to create variable for finding instances of the "fnref-" id followed by a wildcard. It takes the place of the original "footnote" class in footnotes_div.
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#Summary Footnotes Plugin#

Plugin to fix footnote references in your summary. By default, they are broken links because the footnotes are not included with the summary. This plugin lets you either remove the links or make them point to the full article page.

This plugin was based off the clean_summary and ssummary plugins.


This plugin has one setting, SUMMARY_FOOTNOTES_MODE which takes a string. The two available modes are "remove" which removes all footnote links from summaries and "link" (the default) which changes footnote links in summaries to link to the footnote on the article page.


Requires Beautiful Soup:

pip install BeautifulSoup4

##Usage with Summary Plugin##

If using the summary plugin, make sure summary appears in your plugins before clean summary. Eg.

PLUGINS = ['summary', 'summary_footnotes', ... ]