Resistance: Avalon web app implemented using Django
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avalon-django is a web-app implementation of the tabletop hidden-roles game The Resistance: Avalon powered by the Python web framework Django.

The impetus for implementing the game electronically was to speed up gameplay by having the computer do the bookkeeping and (optionally) having the computer display a history of public actions to reduce discussion about what had happened so far in the game.

How to play

Each player must have their own device (usually a smartphone, but any device with a web browser will work) and go to the URL where the game is hosted. (Feel free to play on my server.) When creating a game, a 6 letter game code will be generated to identify the game for other players to join. Optionally, a shared device (e.g. a TV or large tablet) may be setup as an "observer" to display the public data on a common display (to make the game more social by avoiding everyone constantly looking at their own phone). Once everyone has joined, follow the on-screen instructions to play; the interface is made assuming everyone already knows the basic game rules.


TODO: Write more detail.

See the deploy/awi branch to see the configuration files used to deploy this on