Web app for playing (or companion for physical copy of) Letter Jam. https://apps.aweirdimagination.net/anagrams-with-friends/
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Also provide a way to take notes for physical game? Possibly entirely separate
code? Hopefully not...
* # of players
* Card orders?
* # of clues left?
Player names?
* Visible cards at turn
Players intention to advance and bonus letter guesses?
Clue proposals:
* Player # giving clue.
* Turn # (to know what cards are visible)
* List of indexes into visible cards
* Should this just be a string like "423*"? Slightly complicated by bonus
letters... but using A-Za-z for bonus letters and not allowing more
than 52 bonus letter should be fine: the deck is only 64 cards anyway.
Votes on clue proposals? Separate table? Or part of a clue proposal?
* Clue proposal actuall used.
Player notes?
Final answer?